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How it works

Challenge your friends in 3 easy steps.

Record Nomination

Choose an interesting challenge and record the action.

Choose your Friends

Nominate up to 3 friends. They will have 24 hours to complete and forward the nomination.


Your nomination is complete! You can watch your nomination grow as it is forwarded to more people.

Our Team

The Nominate Team Rockstars

Nathaniel Wendt

Co-founder - Backend

Raghavendra Srinivasan

Co-founder - Mobile

Juyong Danny Kim


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Nomination Ideas

Just to get you started...

Jump in a cold lake | Eat a teaspoon of cinnamon | Saltine cracker challenge | Get a tattoo | Introduce yourself to a stranger | Score 2048 in 2048 | Don't blink for 30 seconds | Wear 10 shirts | Do 25 pushups | Watch the Notebook without crying | Donate to charity | Beat yourself at rock/paper/scissors | Drink a beer | Put legs in arms of sweatshirt (chicken walk) | Buy a tranger's meal | Eat 10 warheads at once | Parkour extreme stunts (or not) | Make a 3 pointer shot | Say "Nominate!" in a new language | Sing falsetto with James Blunt | Give Arnold Schwartzennager impression | Beatbox | Do your best "JESSIE" walter white impression | Have an imaginary lightsaber battle | Car dance session | Take a bath in full clothing | Run around the block in your underwear | Make a ridiculous purchase on Amazon (send to nominator) | Do yoga | Do a spit take | Answer and ask a would-you-rather | Draw your best dragon picture | Mail a random receipt to an unknowing friend | Order a big mac at burker king | Wear socks and sandals in public | Do the anna kendrick cups song | Tell a secret | Scare a friend | Take a shot of soy sauce